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Advantages of Fitsaz

Cross Platform

Fitsaz is published for both iOS and Android operating systems

Calorie counter

With Fitsaz be aware of the number of calories you take and burn

Workout plan

Achieve your ideal body weight by Fitsaz workout plan


Fitsaz diet helps you to find your healthy lifestyle

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Video Content by Workout Trainers

You can watch how professional trainers perform the moves. Be aware of how to perform correctly.

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Personal Diet

Video content of workout moves

Iranian and international foods

Flexible plans with different facilities and places

Workout plan and diet

Fitsaz presents both workout plan and diet together. These two complete each other and the combination of them makes the process faster and increases the possibility of your success.

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full width feature

Fitsaz Challenge

Fitsaz challenges boost your motivation to try harder to achieve your goals. monthly, seasonal, yearly and occasional challenges give you the opportunity to compete with others in the game of fitness.

Fitsaz app in one look

Have Personal diet, flexible workout plan and calorie counter all in Fitsaz

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  • Diet
  • Calorie counter
  • Workout plan


  • Diet
  • Calorie counter
  • Workout plan
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